Take a little trip before the races at Turf Paradise in Phoenix to 64th Street and Greenway.  There on the S/E corner of both the intersection and the shopping center you’ll think you hit an across the board favorite.

Normally when I find a corner shop in a large parking lot of an even larger chain grocery store, I’m skeptical a little bit.  I was told it was in the far corner of the expanse of blacktop and cars and didn’t notice the establishment at first.  I parked at the earliest space which was about 30 white parking stripes away from the door and walked up to a bright yellow sign painted on the window.

The crowd inside worried me at first as I waited for a friend to show up to eat and talk.  I then received the confirming text, ‘Perk’.   Minutes later we both were standing inside and noticed the highboy counter to our right.  We asked and the friendly face at the register grabbed up two menus and seated us.

The openness of the room lined with glass felt easy and relaxing.  There was also patio seating and even though the weather was great we still decided to sit inside.

“Something to get you started?”

“Two coffees would be great.  Cream for me.”

Less than a minute later we were stirring in the real cream and sugar.  Pouring over the clean and organized menu, I couldn’t decide.  Jerry had already picked out the famous, ‘Perk Scramble’

“Have you decided?”

I started, “What’s your best breakfast item other than what looks to be from my point a view, The Outlaw Omelette?”

perk outlaw

She answered without hesitation, “The corn beef country style hash is fantastic and our pancakes are the best.  Everything is homemade and fresh.  I love the pancakes.”

“I’ll take,” I paused as I just realized I saw one of the menu items on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives called ‘Chicken on the Coup.  The pause was awkward because almost, well not almost, every joint I have tried from the TV show’s recommendation has been unlucky.  I’ve experienced only Dives.

My friend broke in, “I’ll take the Perk Scramble.”

“I’ll have the pancakes and two eggs sunny side up.”  I went for the staple.

I kept the menu and went over it again.  This eatery is beside itself in a league of tastefulness.  One of the best well-rounded and easy menus to get through.  I was quickly taken aback by the mantra that reads across their label.  Family owned farms and ranches without hormones or antibiotics is all they use.  The chickens are naturally raised.


I liked the use of Hickman cage-free eggs and the coffee I was drinking was organic.  The goodness just keeps going and going.

But then, here came the food.  The friendly waitress set my plate down first.  “That’s real butter and syrup,” she points out as the stack slid in front of me.  She turns her head to Jerry, “The bacon is out of this world.”

We will see, I thought.  ‘Been there done that’ flushed through my thoughts.  I picked up the butter dish and looked at it.  The cream appeared fresh and real.  I smelled it and came to the same conclusion my eyes had.

As I smeared the butter on the cakes,  Jerry had already taken a bite and made the noise of satisfaction.  My coffee was still warm and I had just made it to the color and sweetness I like when she came up to the table for a warmup.

She filled his cup and looked at mine then looked at me. “You don’t get any, it already looks perfect.”

The cakes were absolutely the finest cakes there are and passing by the signature cakes you can get at Pinnacle Peak Country Store right at the wire.  These were definitely a winner.  The eggs were perfection.  Jerry never stopped until the plate was cleaner than when they loaded on the scramble.

I had just put the last mouthful in my mouth as I read the last few lines of the Perk Eatery mantra.

‘Live well, Laugh often, Love much and come back soon!’

‘That’s it!  This is a 4 Ponies breakfast for sure, if not a 5,” I announced.  Jerry was cleaning up with his napkin and only nodded assuredly.  He swallowed, leaned forward and said, “Come back soon?  You going to come back soon and try The Outlaw?”

“Is tomorrow too soon?”

??????? of 4.5 Ponies, well deserved.

When The WiseGuy loaded the ponies in the starting gate, the post positions came out like this in the program of eats.  Here’s how they line up in the gate, with number one on the rail being the favorite.

#1     Qualityfood

#2     Allaboutambience

#3     Nowthatsservice

#4     Costofagoodeat

#5     Comfortarama


6501 E Greenway Pkwy | Map
Scottsdale, AZ 85254
480 998-6026

“Life begins at the top of the stretch.”

The WiseGuy